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Which Permanent Brow Technique is Best for YOU?

Powder brows? Combinations brows? Manual microblading? If you aren't sure what to pick, PLEASE take some time to read over this blog and the chart below...

But please note that this chart does not apply to those with previously done permanent brow makeup. More on coverups and corrections later! If you’ve already booked your brow service and are now finding that you’re better suited for a different method, no worries! Just reach out to us ASAP so that we can accommodate you.


Most of our clients request microblading, as it’s super popular and marketed as the most natural-looking method. But when it’s done on the wrong client, the healed result is anything but natural.

• The strokes can “bleed” into a blurry mess.

• The strokes can heal to a very dark grey, almost-black color.

• Sometimes no pigment is retained, and only pink scars are left behind.

• It can be very obvious where there’s real hair, and where there’s not.

• It can be painful.

The vast majority of PMU horror stories come from artists that are only trained in microblading, and offering this method to every single client. It’s a beautiful look when the stars are aligned for a proper healed result, but again, this is only the case with about 25% of our clients. If you had your sights set on microblading and the chart above leads you away from it, please keep these two things in mind:

• We’re looking out for your best interest! We only want you to have the best healed result possible.

• All methods are totally customizable. If soft & subtle is your goal, this can absolutely be achieved with an ombré or combo brow!

To learn more about the different permanent brow techniques we offer at The Brow Boutique, click HERE to download my FREE ebook!

And to schedule your FREE virtual consult, click here!

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