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Powder Brow is a method of eyebrow tattooing which adopts the shading / powdering method, with more saturated tails to mid body sections, with a gradient effect to lighter saturation at the front ends. The result is soft and powdery, mimicking the appearance of traditional brow makeup whether it is a brow pencil or brow shadow except that they are perfectly applied to have a long lasting effect. By the use a digital machine, pigment is collected with the ultra-fine needles and then applied inside of the approved design in a back and forth or circular motion
If you’re someone who prefers a fuller brow but still wants that soft powder fill look, you may want to consider the powder brow tattoo technique.

First Session: $500
6-8 Week Touch Up: $125
Color Boost Sessions: $250

chloe Jefferson Microblading (1) copy 6_edited.jpg

This technique creates a denser look by combining either Microblading + Microshading, Nano Brows + Microshading or Nanoblading + Microshading. This technique is completely customizable to each client’s preference and needs for how much of the brow is shaded and how much is hair simulation.

First Session: $550
6-8 Week Touch Up: $125
Color Boost Sessions: $275

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