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Lift Only $60
Tint Only $40
Lift & Tint $80


What is it?
In short: A lash lift is a perm for your lashes, without all the crazy ‘80s frizz. In just a few minutes, we’ll lift and set your lashes into super-uplifted curl, to make them more noticeable than ever. It’s your lashes, but better. The “tint” step is a quick add-on; We dye the lashes black. This is especially impactful for those with grey, red, or blonde lashes. Most clients choose to do the lift & tint together, but occasionally we have clients that only need one service or the other!


Who is it for?
Anyone who is looking to enhance the look of their natural lashes, without the commitment or drama of lash extensions.


Are there any contraindications to having a lash lift done?
Yes: Thioglycolate allergy, sodium bromate allergy, previous reactions to hair dye or perm solution, little to no natural lashes, within 1st trimester of pregnancy, active or recent eye infections such as conjunctivitis or impetigo, skin disorders affecting the eyelid area such as psoriasis or eczema, skin disease or trauma affecting the eyelid area, current or recent chemotherapy treatments (doctors note required in either case), a positive reaction to a patch test, permanent eyeliner within the last 3 weeks, a chemical lash extension removal within the last week, or any remaining lash extensions attached from a previous appointment.


How is it done?
After cleansing the lashes, silicone strips are applied to the closed eyelid. The lashes are then lifted and adhered up and over the strips. A series of two creams are applied to lock in the new curl. For the “tint” portion, the lashes are then taken down from the silicone strips, and a permanent lash dye is applied to them for just a few minutes. Then, voila!


Do I need a patch test?
If you’d like to have a patch test done 48h+ in advance, please reach out to us directly to schedule this prior to scheduling your appointment. Most clients choose to skip the patch test. There will be a portion on your consent form asking if you came in for a patch test, or if you’re choosing to have the service done without one.


Will I look normal after?
Absolutely! You may experience some redness of the skin or mild sensitivity, but it does not typically last more than a few hours.


How do I prepare?
Please arrive with NO MAKEUP ON or around your lashes and eyes.


How do I care for my lashes afterwards?
-First 24 hours: No hot water, steam, shampoos, makeup or skincare products within 1”.
-First 48 hours: Do not use makeup remover or oils within 1”, try to sleep on your back, & do not use a sleeping mask.
-After that first 48 hours, apply castor oil to the hair two nights per week and leave it on overnight. This will help to rehydrate the hair and support growth.
-If redness or irritation arises within the area and worsens over the course of 24 hours, please contact your doctor about a potential reaction to the product, and then contact your artist to make them aware.


How frequently do I need to have this done?
Results typically last 4-6 weeks, but vary depending on where most of your lashes are in the natural growth cycle at the time of your appointment. You should not return any sooner than 4 weeks to preserve the health of your natural lashes.



Pregnancy (after 1st trimester), breastfeeding, taking the pill, and HRT are not contraindications to having a lash lift/tint done, but the hormonal changes happening in the body may lead to a weaker lift. We don’t recommend having Elleebana lifting products applied for the first time if you are pregnant or nursing, as you would not be able to take an antihistamine if a reaction does occur. Lash growth serums can result in a messy look as the lashes are growing out. Allergies to lash extension adhesive are not a concern when it comes to lash lifts; the active ingredient in lash adhesive is not found in the products we use for this service. Medications always have the potential to make lash lifts ineffective, or make the hair overly delicate.

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