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The Evolution of Permanent Makeup

One major thing that I want EVERYONE to know when they first hear about permanent makeup, is how much it’s EVOLVED. So many people RUN at the first mention of an eyebrow tattoo. I know what they’re picturing! The classic “Sharpie Brow.” Square, black, and horrifying. I get it!But I solemnly swear that you will never catch me creating a Sharpie Brow.

What’s SO important to understand, is that permanent makeup is NOT what it used to be. The methods we use today are so much more customizable than ever before. Color, shape, size, intensity, effect... These are all perfectly tailored to each of my clients. Here are some prime examples of what HEALED permanent makeup can look like. No Sharpie Brows over here. Just soft, flattering results that are all your own. I’m proud to be 4x certified and insured, highly educated, and able to offer services that are comfortable, safe, and artistic.

If you’re ready to learn more, text me at 443-896-4844 with your questions, or book your service here to get some of this brow magic sprinkled on ‘ya.

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