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5 Facts About Microblading You Need to Know

1. IT’S A TATTOO. When pigment molecules are implanted deep enough in the skin to last over 6 weeks, they’re in there permanently, no matter how they got there. Most PMU pigments fade and/or shift in color over time, but the molecules will always be in the skin; some amount of color will probably be visible forever.

2. IT’S MORE INVASIVE+PAINFUL THAN MACHINE WORK (like Ombré shading). Cutting the skin is more aggressive and painful than poking it, and that’s what we’re comparing here. If you’re looking for the most comfortable and skin-friendly technique, look no further than ombré shading. This is one reason that MB isn’t for most clients; the technique is too aggressive for many.

3. ONLY CERTIFIED & INSURED TATTOO ARTISTS CAN DO IT... And at that, only certified tattoo artists with PMU training should be offering PMU (including MB). Tattooing bodies & tattooing soft makeup on the face is VERY different. Could *I* legally go do a body tattoo? Yes. Would it be ethical or come out well? No. And on the same note: An esthetics or cosmetology license has NOTHING to do with permanent makeup.

4. IT’S JUST AS LIKELY TO SHIFT IN COLOR AS MACHINE WORK. Carbon pigments fade slower (if ever) & go ashy in time. Iron oxide pigments fade faster & go red in time. Both need maintenance every few years, there’s no way around it, no matter which technique you use. In fact, microblading I’d say is more likely to age poorly because scarring is way more common with this technique.

5. IT’S NOT GUARANTEED TO LOOK ANY MORE NATURAL THAN MACHINE WORK. On the wrong client, blading heals far from natural-looking. And even on the right client, if it’s not done perfectly it won’t look natural in any way. Choosing the right technique for each client & executing it well, is what gets you natural-looking results. In the vast majority of cases, ombré shading usually heals softer than blading.

Disclaimer: I’m not a MB hater! But a lot of artists that ONLY blade are willing to do it on just about anyone, and it’s important to me that people are informed before they commit to a face tattoo.

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