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How to Prepare for Your Permanent Makeup Appointment

Want the most bang for your buck?! Follow these rules leading up to your permanent makeup appointment...

- Alert your artist of all medications and/or medical concerns when booking your service

- No brow growth serums 6 months before

- No spa-grade peels 6 weeks before

- No sun/tanning, retinol, botox, or fillers 2 weeks before

- No fish oil, CBD, waxing, laser, or electrolysis 1 week before

- No ibuprofen/advil 48h before

- No alcohol 24h before

- No coffee or exercise that morning

We don’t make these rules to suck the fun out of your life, LOL. These protocols are tried-and-true, and they’ll ensure that you get the absolute most out of your investment

Remember: Pre-care and aftercare make up 50% of the healed result. That means you and I are working together 50/50 to get you the brows of your dreams! Don’t leave me hangin’!!

If you have questions, please text me at 443-896-4844 or email me at !

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