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What Should I Do When Brow Trends Change?

Answer: Nothing, because your face is still your face.”

Unless you get a face transplant, like a full blown NEW FACE, the same brow style is going to flatter YOU no matter what’s trending! I don’t design brows based on what’s popular.

I don’t have a “favorite shape” that I do on everyone, either. Every brow I do is designed from scratch & totally customized in a way that’s natural/flattering for each individual client. When I shape brows and select a color, I try to stay as true to the REAL brow hair as possible, so that they’re low-maintenance and totally timeless.

Following trends is

totally okay with makeup, but not with PERMANENT makeup.

So the choice is yours...

1: Have the flexibility to change your brows with what’s trending, BUT have to waste time and effort on makeup every morning that won’t last anyway?

OR 2: Save all that time and energy, enjoy life-proof brows, and have a timeless look that’s carefully crafted to frame your pretty face? The choice is yours!

If you have questions about brow shaping, please feel free to reach out to me at 443-896-4844 or !

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