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What does the permanent makeup healing process look like?

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

I will start by telling you this: the microblading healing process it is in fact, a PROCESS! But it's a process that is so worth it.

A fun graphic that demonstrates the healing process

Day 1:

You will absolutely love your brows! If they are darker or lighter than you'd hoped, don't worry as they will continue to develop. They may be slightly red or tender, but that will go away.

Day 2-4

Over the next several days, your brows will continue to get darker as scabs will slowly begin to form. You'll be loving not having to fill in your brows every day!

Day 5-7:

Your brows will likely begin to get itchy and start to flake, but it's very important to NOT pick at the scabs! I know it will be tempting but you don't want to lose pigment on your new brows. Just know that this is all normal and that you can always contact me with questions and concerns!

Day 7-10:

Once the scabbing and flaking is done, the work will look light underneath. It's even normal for the work to look like it has disappeared. This is normal! New skin has grown over the area and the color will begin to slowly come back.

Day 14-21:

You will slowly start to see the pigment reappear over the next couple of weeks. This is because now we see the pigment in the upper part of the second layer of the skin. The color will look more natural and softer.

By the time you come back to the touch up session, the color will have faded 30-50% between the first session and the 6 week touch up. This is when we go back in and fix any imperfections!

I hope this helped! If you have anymore questions about permanent makeup healing process, feel free to text/call me at 443-896-4844 or email me at

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