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Powder Brows & How They Heal


These bad boys will heal neutral, powdery, and soft. There’s a REASON that permanent brows are my most-requested service.

Actually, 3 big ones:

1. The modern day woman doesn’t have TIME for makeup every damn day. I don’t know about you, but I’m BUSY. Even a 5-minute brow routine every morning just ain’t making the cut. I’d rather snooze.

2. Even if you do have the time for makeup, it can be SO frustrating. How much money have you wasted trying to find the perfect brow pencil? How many times have you just wiped them off and said “screw it.” It’s so difficult to see/create symmetry on your own face!

3. Lastly, even if you have lots of free time and serious makeup skills.. Wouldn’t you LOVE to wake up feeling more confident? On those days that you do want to rock a bare face, wouldn’t you rather it look polished and enhanced? We ALL KNOW it: Brows frame the face. Yours deserves the *perfect* frame, fresh out of the shower.

So seriously, WHAT are you waiting for? You deserve extra TIME every morning. You deserve an EASIER routine. You deserve to feel CONFIDENT without makeup on.

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