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Common Misconceptions About Lip Blush

Permanent lip color is gaining popularity, so I want to address some misconceptions about it....

1 PAIN: The vast majority of my lip clients say it’s way more comfortable than they imagined. I use topical numbing throughout. But even without it, it’s really not bad! Many artists and clients get their lips done without numbing, and live to talk about it.

2 IT’LL NEVER LOOK LIKE LIPSTICK: I know, freshly done work looks nuts. But once the skin heals over that pigment, there’s no way it’ll look as vibrant as lipstick. Even if we pack in a dark color. What you should expect is a matte lip stain effect. If that wouldn’t satisfy you, this isn’t for you.

3 FRESH VS HEALED: Permanent lipcolor looks vibrant at first, but heals to a diluted wash of color. Gotta go through the “fresh” phase to get to the healed result. Luckily, healing is SUPER fast. Most of my clients will de-puff by the end of day 1, peel on days 3-5, and then they’re good. If you’ve had chapped lips before, this would be nothing new.

4 RESULTS VARY: If you love the way a certain pigment looks healed on one of my clients, know that it most likely won’t come out the same on you. Permanent lips are done to be very sheer, so the healed result is a mix of the pigment we select, and your natural color. This is one reason the touchup is critical, so we can adjust the color if needed.

5 SIZE: We almost never go noticeably beyond the natural edges. Why? Kool-aid mouth. The pigment will heal looking one way on the natural lip, and another way on the skin around it. If you’re looking for a serious change in size, see @refreshbybritt for the best injectable experiences. Filler can be done before OR after, but you’ll want to space it out by a month.

I hope this clears up some misconceptions! Text me at 443-896-4844 with questions, OR TAP HERE to book your appointment today!

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