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3 SECRETS to beautifully healed brows

3 SECRETS to beautifully healed brows that anyone considering PMU should know...

■ The FIRST artist you go to determines the fate of your brows forever... Not all mistakes can be removed, covered, or corrected.

■ Choosing the method that’s right for you is CLUTCH. Feel free to DM me to chat about the different techniques that I offer. Even if you’re best-suited for one that I do NOT offer, I’ll let you know! You getting the brows you deserve is what’s most important.

■ Aftercare is everything!! Your healed results are totally in your hands once you walk out the door; Before you book any PMU service, make sure you can commit to protecting your investment during the 2 weeks that follow. Even the best artists in the world will see crappy healed results if their clients aren’t closely following instructions.

To learn more, text me at 443-896-4844 or email me at

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