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Cosmetic teeth whitening is a 1.5 hour service which can whiten your smile 4-8 or more shades in ONE appointment. Service includes a full whitening treatment, desensitizing treatment, and take-home product. And the results can last 3-6 months! 


Some fun facts about this new treatment:

-It’s safe on enamel, gums, and dental work

-It’s made with plant and mineral-based ingredients 

-It causes little to no sensitivity in the teeth (each appointment includes 5-10 minute desensitizing treatment)

-No downtime afterwards 

-Easy-to-follow before and aftercare 


Here’s the simple before and aftercare:


-No brushing or flossing 4-6 hours before 

-Hydrate as much as possible 24 hours before 



-No food/drink except water for 2 hours 

-Follow a “white diet” for 24-48 hours

-Continue to hydrate as much as possible 

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