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Owner of The Brow Boutique.

Permanent Makeup Studio in Ellicott City, Maryland. Helping women save time and money with microblading, lip blush, and lash services.




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permanent lip color
permanent eyebrows
lash lift and tints

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Cosmetic tattooing is a life-changing solution.



1. Save Time & Energy.


The average woman spends up to 30 minutes on her makeup routine every morning. That adds up to an entire week each year! If you wouldn’t spend 7 days straight doing your makeup, it’s time to break up with it. Take back that half hour everyday, and sleep in. Sit and enjoy your coffee. Slow down. And let’s not forget just how frustrating that makeup routine can get. Even when you find a great product in the perfect color, it never comes out right when it matters most. And if you’re rushing, forget about it! With permanent makeup, your look will be natural, symmetrical, and ultra-flattering, every single day!



2. Designed for you!


Your permanent makeup application is designed specifically for you. Whether you want to replace or enhance your eyebrows, or brighten your beautiful eyes, a professional makeup artist will design your permanent makeup to get you the look you want. It’s like having your makeup done by a professional every morning!

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Chloe Jefferson Microblading 

Ellicott City Maryland

The Brow Boutique

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